Friday, 17 July 2009

Twit Twoo

Hello, it's been a while. I have been a bit slow in updating Ivy's Attic so i am back with a trio of artists...

My love of Owls seemed to me to be a fairly recent one. Recent in the sense of the last six months but to my surprise i am becoming aware that maybe they have been coming to me for longer than i realised. I bought some photo albums around Christmas time, or new year as mostly i off-load my pictures onto the PC and no further but i got some printed and wanted to display them. For some reason the photos didn't quite fit, i think they just need trimming. I pulled them out the other day and realised one was covered in owls. Then it occurred to me that as far back as 3+++ years ago i bought a little blue owl novelty keyring called 'Bobble' that was an affectionate term for my 'bump'. He still hangs on hubbies work bag but looks somewhat worn now. Anyhow i digress. Owls still intrigue me hence the following (well two of them at least!).

The piece above is called 'Owls Hollow' by Carmen Keys. I love stopping by Carmens blog to see what she is working on and what is growing in her garden. This her latest piece really grabbed me.

Please stop by and enjoy.

This piece is called 'The Keeper of Time' by Karen Davies. Karen is one of the only ladies i visit regularly that lives in England. I love Karen's work, particularly this piece and the relaxing atmosphere that awaits me when i visit her blog. Images that are magical and words that conjure up magical images.

Please stop by and enjoy.

Kathy has been a featured 'Star of the Week' and i think you can see why. She never ceases to amaze me with her beautiful pieces and i couldn't resist adding this one to today's post. Please scroll down the page for the link to her blog :-)