Friday, 26 February 2010

Starry Moon Owls

Welcome to the Magical Art of Vicki, she is responsible for the cuties above and look at that moon, draws you right in doesn't it.

Here's a little about Vicki. I have painted Fantasy art about 10 years. I am inspired by the Moon and all things Magical! I paint Goddesses, Witches,Vampires, Angels, Unicorns, Gothic Lolita's ~anything enchanting, romantic or Magical! Acrylic is my favorite medium, I also paint in watercolor. I am currently licensed with Artistic Minds.

Vicki is the last of my choice artists for this the month of February but all being well i will be looking out for a new theme for the month of March. Don't forget to stop by and check out Vicki's other pieces.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

In the Pink

Meet Susan Boerman of Susanville Wow another amazing artist and another beautiful Owl amongst other pieces. I asked Susan if she would like to be featured on Ivy's Attic and this is what she said:-

'Thanks for your interest in my work and I would love to be a part of your blog!

Here's a short summary of myself:
I have drawn and painted all of my life and have a Bachelor of Arts degree. In the '90's I discovered acrylic paints and decorative painting. In more recent years I started doing whimsical artwork with touches of realism. I like painting what some people refer to as my "little people", which are child-like figures. I also like to paint animals; owls and sheep have been my favorites this past year. Joining Etsy has helped spark my creativity greatly and it was from finding a lot of owl products over the past year that I got excited about trying them myself. Now I don't know if I can stop! I'm currently working on owl pendants and brooches.

I am very excited to see the Owl pendants, i know how predictable am i lol :) Thanks for letting me feature your work Susan. Please stop by and see all the other wonderful creations Susan has for sale at her Etsy shop the link is above.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Meet Marisol Spoon.

I think you can probably tell from the piece i have featured why i contacted Marisol to see if the husband and wife team would like me to feature their work on Ivy's Attic. Not only is the Owl beautiful but so is Elsa.

This is a little bit about about Marisol Spoon:-

Thank you so much for you interest! Would love for you to feature us. A little about us - We come from the mountains of North Carolina and currently live and work in NYC. I am the painter. The girls, animals, and landscapes are mine from start to finish. My husband draws out the ships then I paint them. We collaborate on designing the other products in the shop (the wearables and a few other things that are on their way). So in a lot of ways its a team effort. The work is inspired by nature, vintage aesthetics, off beat tales, and classical painting among other things.

Personally i think this is a brilliant collaboration of artistic minds and hands but you can make up your own mind. Please check out their web site here blog here or stop by their Etsy Store at Marisol Spoon. Enjoy :)

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Are you in the mood for love?

Ok so this is the month to remember the ones we love. Not that we should need an excuse but sometimes we just need a quick nudge. Typically you would expect this post to be about valentines day but nope. This is about what i love and this month is about Owls and some of the wonderful artists i have found.

Please enjoy the work of Nancy. I only came across her art recently and asked if she would like to be featured here on Ivys Attic and this is what she said.

'That would be great!

My name is Nancy Lee and I started as a graphic designer. When I got pregnant with my son, I decided it was best to work at home. So I started to do a few freelance jobs and then I decided to try Etsy for fun. I always loved to draw and having a baby inspired more kid friendly themes like the owls. Everyone seemed to loved the owls so I continued to draw more and more owls.'

I have to say i love all of Nancy's pieces but as it's Valentines shortly i couldn't help but include this one Click on the highlighted area to pop along to see Nancy's other wonderful pieces. Thanks for sharing Nancy :)