Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Star of the Week

This i hope is going to be a weekly showcase of some of my favourite Blogs, Websites and Artists.

My artist of the week is Michelle Perkett of Enchanted Inspirations.I think Michelle and i met when i commented on her 'Enchanting' designs while browsing her work on Etsy. Since then we have become great 'long distance' friends. I have one or two of Michelle's vibrant cards one of which sits on my PC table.

A bit about the Artist

Michelle Perkett is an artist who believes the world can always use more happiness, innocence, colour and inspiration - all of what she strives for in each of her designs. Michelle's studio is in Southern California where she creates her art among the fairies, mermaids and angels all around her.

Michelle enjoys her work looking for inspiration in everything around her.Hope you enjoy looking at her work and finding that something special for someone special in your life by following the linked peice below :-)


  1. A great blog idea! Congrats Michelle!

  2. Thank you Lisa and Senta :-)

  3. Oh, my sweet friend! I am going to cry, what a lovely tribute to my work. Thank you so much for this wonderful blog, Kerri!


    Michelle XXOO


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