Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Meet Marisol Spoon.

I think you can probably tell from the piece i have featured why i contacted Marisol to see if the husband and wife team would like me to feature their work on Ivy's Attic. Not only is the Owl beautiful but so is Elsa.

This is a little bit about about Marisol Spoon:-

Thank you so much for you interest! Would love for you to feature us. A little about us - We come from the mountains of North Carolina and currently live and work in NYC. I am the painter. The girls, animals, and landscapes are mine from start to finish. My husband draws out the ships then I paint them. We collaborate on designing the other products in the shop (the wearables and a few other things that are on their way). So in a lot of ways its a team effort. The work is inspired by nature, vintage aesthetics, off beat tales, and classical painting among other things.

Personally i think this is a brilliant collaboration of artistic minds and hands but you can make up your own mind. Please check out their web site here blog here or stop by their Etsy Store at Marisol Spoon. Enjoy :)


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