Thursday, 2 April 2009


Let me introduce you to my mum. She is my star. My mum has been there for me every step of the way and I sometimes wonder what I would do without her.

When we were children mum was always creative, helping to decorate and furnish dolls houses, making an amazing hat shop, you had to see it, unfortunately it’s no longer around to be seen. Think about that when you’re cleaning out the closet!

Mum has a wonderful folder full of art, some drawn, collaged, and painted. Many period ladies, hairstyles (mum was also a hairdresser). Mum in her time has done PC courses but is mostly self-taught. She is great at web design, and digital art and more recently tried her hand at blog layouts. Mum is not what you would anticipate a typical sixty plus lady in this day and age to be but she loves her computer, like me it’s her lifeline.

Please take the time to go check out her blog and Website by following the linked pieces below.
Thanks Mum x


  1. Oh my goodness thank you!! Kerri. I am thrilled to bits and very proud to have a place on Ivy's Attic.

  2. A well deserved place i might add :-)


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