Thursday, 7 May 2009

Star of the Week

Meet Kathy, she is my Star of the Week.

Kathy of ‘Moongazing Hare’ never ceases to amaze me with her artistic talent. At Christmas I was taken by her drawing of a girl with a reindeer shown above, adorable.
Kathy describes herself as a traditional artist working mainly with coloured pencils and pastels. You can see the detail that goes into her work, millions of strokes of the pencil. Kathy definitely enriches my life with her abilities. Stop by and take a look for yourself by following the linked piece below :-)


  1. Hi Kerri,

    I love her art, thank you for sharing it with us!

    Thank you for your lovely story the other day on my blog, I have an award for you, so come and visit!

    Happy Mother's Day, my friend!

    Michelle :))

  2. thank you so much for this honour Kerri.. xxx

  3. Hi Kerri, Thank you for dropping by my blog. What a wonderful idea you have here to feature artists that inspire you. I have never seen Kathy Hare's work but now that I have , I am a fan too. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Tammy

  4. Oh that's me btw, Fotf aka Kerri, Fairytastic, go by many names lol! Thanks for stopping by


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