Wednesday, 17 March 2010

By the light :)

Check this out, isn't it beautiful, can you tell what it is yet?
The temptation would be not to use it but just admire it but wouldn't it just look great, in the bathroom or bedroom!

Meet Bubbletub, maker of all things pampering and beautiful. Couldn't help but ask if she minded me including her in my month of all things celestial. This is what she had to say.

Hi Fairy thank you that is so sweet of you. I have no idea what to tell you I have been tinkering with soaps and toiletries for 25 years. My mom got me interested by introducing me to different herbs and what I can use them for.
I love my job and wouldn't do anything else in the world :o)
I love to garden and I am passionate about keeping things natural and holistic. Our mascot at Bubble Tub is my grumpy cat called Frosty Pawz he rules the roost making sure everyone is doing their jobs and stops to pet him lol.

Oops i forgot to include Frosty Pawz but had to include this ode to the Goddess of the Sea Amphitrite. Please stop by Bubble Tub and check out her gorgeous goodies :)

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