Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Celestial Delights

Continuing my theme of Celestial Delights please meet ShadowMoon. I think these beautiful pieces of jewellery pretty much speak for themselves. I know they caught my eye the minute i saw them

This is a little about ShadowMoon. I work full-time in an office where I sit and stare at a computer all day. I'm constantly being threatened with layoffs in order to make the company I work for very lean and unfortunately, mean. It has created an environment where the survivors of two previous layoffs are jumping through hoops and cannibalizing others work responsibilities in order to stay in the game Soooo, in dire need of an escape from all this, I turned to crystals and semi-precious gemstones. It was my salvation and an escape to something I loved. They brought me much needed peace, brought out my creative side and introduced me to Wicca. In an effort to keep my new love for the metaphysical properties and beauty of crystals and gemstones close to me (for protection against negativity) I started putting these items into jewelry. Then through word of mouth I discovered Etsy! A way to do what I loved AND make some money? What a concept! Although I do not make enough from Etsy to support me
or my family, it does support my habit, which is the joy of finding the things that I love and loving what I create with them. Add to that the thrill of getting a sale is just the cherry on top! :)

I think it's interesting what attracts you to the craft of another, of course i couldn't help to be grabbed by this beautiful jewellery but have also had an interest in crystals and their use for quite some time. My biggest problem is remembering what I've bought and what attracted me to it in the first place lol. Thanks to ShadowMoon for letting me share with you and thanks also for your comments about this blog, it has a 'very good aura about it' what more could i wish for truly :)

Please stop by ShadowMoons Etsy store found here.

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  1. Hello Kerri! I haven't forgotten about you. Will write to you soon. ShadowMoon :)


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