Thursday, 25 March 2010

Double Trouble

Meet Linda, i know you can phone a friend if you wish but i'm sure you can see from the featured pieces why i asked to feature Linda's work on Ivy's Attic, i think this actually covers the theme of Celestial and my love of owls.

Here is a bit of information about Linda and her work.

Scrimshaw is the name given to handiwork created by sailors, the indigenous art form of the
American Whaleman, who, in his idle hours of cruising for whale, devoted himself to fashioning articles and jewelry of whale ivory.

"The American Whaling Fleet ceased to exist in the last century, however, this art is being carried on by modern American artisans on materials that do not endanger any species.

Linda Layden has been a full time professional scrimshander for over 30 years. Her work is sold in fine gift shops, galleries and museums and found in many private collections. Her Etsy shop, makes her work available directly to you and she welcomes custom orders."

Please take the time to stop by and check out Linda's other lovely pieces.Thanks for sharing Linda :)


  1. Hi.
    I love all the Celestial things on your blog, all stunning!

    Thanks for you comments on my blog. The candle holder was indeed a jam jar, a Sainsbury's Taste the Difference one... I find the ribbons sit nicer on these jars, and the hexagonal shape adds interest as well.


  2. Linda's things are beautiful! Such tiny little details!...Thanks so much for your visit...I hope you have a really fun weekend!
    xo Paulette ;)


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